When planning doesn't go to plan

When planning doesn't go to plan

Cooking at home more than usual can result in having leftovers, no matter how good our meal planning may be at the outset. It’s so easy to cook more than is needed and before you know it, the fridge is full of little plates and bowls of cooked morsels that didn’t get eaten the first time around. Well do not despair, whether it’s veggies, meat from a roast or even a comforting casserole, I have got some budget busting tips to turn your leftovers into delicious meals, snacks or treats.

We’re starting with cooked vegetables, as they seem to be the biggest source of leftovers. Plus, they are often better a second time around.


Vegetable Frittata

No matter what veggies you have on hand they will be perfect in a frittata. Simply add to some beaten eggs (6 eggs to serve 4), cook in an ovenproof pan on the stove top until set, then place under the grill for 5 minutes or until cooked through. Customise by adding different cheeses or herbs.


Herbed potato cakes

Make mash mouthwatering by mixing with an egg, chopped or dried herbs, some cheese and finely chopped cooked veggies. When mixed, shape in balls, dust in flour, flatten into patties then fry in a hot pan for around 4 minutes each side or until crunchy on the outside.


Fried rice

Perfect to turn a small amount of leftovers into a feast for the family, find out how with this recipe that also uses leftover protein click here for more details


Spicy fried veggies with parmesan

Don’t forget you can always add more ingredients to make your leftovers go further if you need to. Onions and mushrooms are good, so are baby spinach leaves, I like to add them at end of cooking so there is just enough heat left to wilt them. Chilli is a great way to spice up veggies. Fry veggies with a little chilli until cooked through then to finish sprinkle with grated parmesan and serve.


Crunchy cauliflower and broccoli bites

Dust veggies with plain flour, then plunge into 1 beaten egg, shake off excess and coat with MAGGI So Crispy  or bread crumbs you have available in the pantry and place in a hot oven 190C for 12 minutes.


Check out the blog next week for tips to use up cooked meat or fish and curries and casseroles.

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