4 Ways: Chilli Con Carne

4 Ways: Chilli Con Carne

One meal, four different taste sensations

Wouldn’t it be great to cook only once but get four different meals from it?

I know that there is a secret society of weekend cooks that get as many meals as possible cooked or prepared on a Saturday or a Sunday to save time during the week. I know this because I’m part of this society. There are a great many benefits in joining up, the biggest one being the joy of simple midweek meal times. Imagine no more midweek mayhem!

Well this could be a reality because anyone can be a weekend cook. And for a special introduction I’ve got an idea that can make your weekend cooking a breeze so you can still enjoy time with your family rather than chained to the kitchen hob. Make a large quantity of one recipe then get creative to make four totally different meals during the week..

So to get started you will first make your favourite Chilli Con Carne recipe (or try the MAGGI Recipe Base) but increase the quantity by four.

Meal 1: Chilli Con carne

Make a large batch of chilli con carne

Serve a quarter of this with rice and a fresh salad.

Portion the remaining chilli into three and refrigerate.

Meal 2:  Burritos.

You will need ¼ chilli mix, some flour or corn tortilla‘s, and some of you favourite fillings, these could include lettuce, grated cheese, red onion, tomatoes or avocados.

Heat the chilli mix while heating the tortillas according to pack directions. Divide chilli mix over tortillas, add some of your favourite toppings wrap your burritos and enjoy.

Meal 3: Quesadillas

You will need ¼ chilli mix,  some flour or corn tortilla‘s and salad to serve

Heat one tortilla at a time in a frying pan top with 1/8 of the mince, fold over to form a half circle and cook for 1 minute each side. Keep warm while repeating process with remaining tortillas. Great served with tomato salsa

Meal 4: Nachos

You will need ¼ chilli mix, some tortilla chips with optional sour cream, guacamole, salsa and grated cheese.

Heat the chilli mix. Arrange corn chips is a large ovenproof serving bowl, pour over the mince, sprinkle with cheese and bake in a hot oven until cheese melts.

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