MAGGI Noodles Oriental Cup

MAGGI Noodles Oriental Cup

A fun and tasty snack, MAGGI Oriental flavoured Cup Noodles are ready in an instant and satisfy any hunger craving! Whether you enjoy them after school, at work or at home, there is a MAGGI Noodle for everyone in your family to love! Try adding some BBQ chicken or frozen vegetables for a quick lunch fix! Also, try other flavours in the MAGGI Cups range such as Chicken or Beef. This product is suitable for vegetarians.

How to Make

Serves: | Preparation time: Minutes | Cooking time: 3 Minutes

  1. Peel off lid

  2. Empty sachet into cup

  3. Fill with boiling water to line

  4. Wait 3 Minutes, stir and enjoy!CAUTION: Cup may be hot, handle with care. Do not lift by lid.