FUSIAN Mi Goreng Soy & Mild Spice Noodle Cup

FUSIAN Mi Goreng Soy & Mild Spice Noodle Cup

Grab an Asian taste sensation with MAGGI FUSIAN Mi Goreng Soy & Mild Spice Cup.  MAGGI FUSIAN Soy & Mild Spice contains 4 different sachets including sweet soy sauce, seasoning oil, spice mix and chilli to tailor the flavour and the heat. Simply open lid, add in boiling water & wait 3 minutes. Boost the goodness in your bowl by simply adding lean protein such as cooked chicken, beef or prawns and plenty of vegetables. For more Fusian taste sensations, try the other products in our MAGGI range.  Available in a convenient cup format.

How to Make

Serves: | Preparation time: Minutes | Cooking time: 3 Minutes

  1. Open- Remove foil and put aside all flavour sachets

  2. Add boiling water to fill line, as indicated, stand for 3 minutes.

  3. Carefully use a fork to DRAIN all water leaving the noodles in the cup. CAUTION: Cup may be hot, handle with care.

  4. Add FLAVOUR SACHETS to cup noodles according to taste and stir well.

  5. Eat and enjoy the flavour hit of FUSIAN noodles.