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The MAGGI Pop Up Kitchen Showdown returns for 2017, with entries opening at 11am on Monday 8th May.

The MAGGI Pop Up Kitchen Showdown is a cooking competition where you get to show off your cooking skills to the country! Team members must be aged between 11-16 years with 2 to 4 students per team. Each team must create their very own recipe, with a few key requirements.

The meal must:

  • Include the use of at least 1 MAGGI Recipe Base (from the list below) as an ingredient in the dish- get creative and use the recipe base in a unique way.
  • Be a balanced main course including lots of vegetables! A good guide is for half the plate to be made up of fibrous vegetables or salad, with ¼ being a lean protein source like lean meat or fish and ¼ being a starchy carbohydrate like potatoes, rice or pasta.
  • Serve a family of 4 people, (2 adults & 2 children).
  • Cost a maximum of $20 to make.
  • Be able to be made and plated in 30 mins.

Participating products to use as an ingredient:

  • MAGGI Apricot Chicken Recipe Base 35g
  • MAGGI Beef Bourguignon Recipe Base 33g
  • MAGGI Beef Goulash Recipe Base 33g
  • MAGGI Beef Stroganoff Recipe Base 41g
  • MAGGI Best Ever Beef Burgers Recipe Base 30g
  • MAGGI Chicken Chasseur Recipe Base 35g
  • MAGGI Chicken Chow Mein Recipe Base 30g
  • MAGGI Chilli Con Carne Recipe Base 41g
  • MAGGI Creamy Carbonara Recipe Base 35g
  • MAGGI Creamy Chicken Recipe Base 33g
  • MAGGI Greek Koftas Recipe Base 34g
  • MAGGI Lamb Casserole Recipe Base 31g
  • MAGGI Lamb Ragout Recipe Base 37g
  • MAGGI Lasagne Recipe Base 22g
  • MAGGI Mediterranean Meatballs Recipe Base 38g
  • MAGGI Mince Chow Mein Recipe Base 32g
  • MAGGI Mince Cottage Pie Recipe Base 37g
  • MAGGI Satay Chicken Recipe Base 43g
  • MAGGI Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe Base 20g

View the full terms and conditions here.

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