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We’ve made a temporary change to where your MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles are made. As well as continuing to get noodles from Malaysia, we’re also bringing in noodles made by our team in Papua New Guinea. We’ve done this to make sure MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles stay available during this time of disruption. You can be confident that every MAGGI site operates to the same, exceptionally high, standards for quality. We hope you enjoy them! If you have any questions, please call our friendly team in Australia 1800 025 361 or in New Zealand 0800 830 840. Still bringing you oodles of noodles,

The MAGGI Team

Preparation & Cooking

Cooking meat in the microwave can sometimes result in uneven cooking, and we don’t want to put any of our consumer’s health at risk. We still have stove top, oven and/or slow cooker methods available for many of our Recipe Bases that you’ll be able to find on the product page of the recipe Base.

You can still use any of our MAGGI Recipe bases in a slow cooker if you wish. It’s always best to mix your favourite recipe base into a paste and then add to the finished meal for the last 15 minutes of cooking. This will ensure minimum sticking in the slow cooker. You can add this at the beginning if you wish, but we think you’ll experience better results adding it towards the end. We just recommend an 8 hour cooking time (on low heat) as we know many people like to put dinner on nice and early in the day so it’s out of the way and they can get on with the rest of their day! Cooking times will vary depending on make and model of your slow cooker, we suggest you refer to the suggested cooking times that came with your appliance.

Yes, our bases are fine to freeze for handy lunches or left overs for an easy dinner. Just keep in mind when defrosting, the mix may separate and the texture of the dish can change, and when reheating only reheat once do not refreeze.

Yes, absolutely! If you don’t have the ones that we’ve suggested, you can definitely add something you already have in the fridge. You might have to add them at different times of course because different vegetables require different cooking times. Just remember to keep the quantities fairly similar so that you still get a well-balanced meal of veggies and protein.

We’ve formulated our sauces & gravies to be a consistency that we think most of our consumers will love, but we know they’ll always be some people who love a really thick sauce or gravy!! Try adding a teaspoon of cornflour when you add the powder to the water or milk.

When adding the liquid (i.e. water or milk) to your gravy or sauce add a small amount at a time and gradually stir the rest in. This will ensure a silky smooth gravy free from lumps or clumps.

While we know that some consumers love eating our noodles raw, they’re designed to be cooked so we wouldn’t recommend eating them raw. Cooking them for 2 minutes is what makes them 2 Minute Noodles!

Ingredients & Nutrition

We are always thinking about ways to make our products even better. So we listened to what MAGGI households had to say and our team of culinary experts have worked tirelessly to refresh many MAGGI Recipe Bases. Now when you cook with these MAGGI Recipe Bases you’ll be able to easily recognise the herbs and spices in the ingredients list and feel more confident that you know what goes into the food you’re preparing for your family and friends. For more info please visit: /

In order to claim gluten free every batch of our MAGGI Recipe bases undergo testing to ensure there is no detectable gluten in the product. Whilst “Wheat” is the source of the Soy sauce and appears in some of gluten free products ingredients list, it is so refined by the processing that it passes through that there is no detectable amount of gluten in the product, hence the product is suitable for those avoiding gluten. For more information on gluten free diets and labelling visit We manufacture and label our products in strict accordance to the Food Standards Code. For more information on this please visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand

This will depend on your specific diet. Our MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles, MAGGI Cup Noodles and MAGGI FUSIAN Noodles (with the exception of FUSIAN Soupy Malaysian Laksa) do not contain any animal ingredients, but they are made on equipment that also processes crustacean and fish products so it would be up to you if you want to eat them.

It depends on where your noodles were made, so flip to the back of the pack to check the Country of Origin label.If it says [MADE IN MALAYSIA], they are halal certified.If it says [MADE IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA] then they are not halal certified. Click here for our Halal list



Over the last several years, there’s been an increasing trend towards healthier eating, particularly when it comes to kids’ products. In the past, our 2 Minute Noodles haven’t met some key nutrition aspects such as artificial additives, sodium and fat, so we’ve been making significant improvements with our products to fix this (i.e. removing artificial colours and flavours and reducing the fat and sodium content). We know that changes we make won’t always please everyone, but we hope that you’ll grow to love our 2 Minute Noodles just as much as we do.

We can absolutely assure you that MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles are not coated in wax. As you can imagine, there are very strict rules around what ingredients can be used in a food product and the authorities conduct extremely strict testing prior to allowing any ingredient to enter the food chain.

Due to the nature of this product, the salt in the product can sometimes crystallise (especially when stored in the fridge) creating glass like pieces that sink to the bottom of the bottle. To test if these pieces are in fact salt, place them in a small bowl, add boiling water and stir. Salt crystals will dissolve. If for any reason these pieces don’t dissolve, please call us on 1800 025 361.

Over half of the ingredients are sourced locally from New Zealand. Other ingredients come from countries such as USA and Netherlands. Some of our ingredients come from China, but we can assure you, that, no matter where ingredients come from, our suppliers have to pass very strict guidelines to ensure their ingredients are safe and of the best quality.

Product Availability

Taste preferences of consumers can sometimes vary markedly between different countries hence, the MAGGI product range will vary from country to country. For a full list of current products please visit / and if you have a favourite product you’d like to see available get in contact and we’ll pass your suggestion onto the team!

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