Marianna Sands

Marianna Sands

Marianna Sands, our Guest Blogger

Marianna is a full-time single parent who works from home, so she’s always on the lookout for nutritious foods that will help her son grow big and strong. 

As a self-confessed outdoor type, she doesn’t have loads of time to experiment in the kitchen. But if she has the time and the inclination, she can serve up a whizz-bang meal. Marianna likes to keep her meals simple and nutritious, but she’s not afraid to add a bit of flavour when she knows how.

When it comes to mealtime, mother and son enjoy eating healthy meals, and their favourite meals are the classic meat and three veg. Meat is often substituted for fish or tofu, and the vegetables are lightly steamed to maintain the nutritional value. She also knows that her three-year-old will eat a whole meal if she holds the protein hostage until the vegetables have been eaten – which is quite a useful tip for parents everywhere.

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