Josie Russo

Josie Russo

As a full time stay-at-home mum, Josie has a lot on her plate. She considers eating healthy to be very important and tries to teach her kids good values. It’s always quite the challenge.

When it comes to food, Josie has enjoyed a charmed life. Her background is Italian, and her mum is a chef, so she’s been really spoiled from the outset. Josie swears her mum is a marvel to watch when cooking – she cooks from memory and Josie has learned her mother’s sense of what works well together, and how flavours come into balance. The secret is to taste while cooking, so she always knows if she has the right amount of ingredients.

Again, timing is everything. Josie also buys and cooks what’s in season. It’s less expensive that way and the food is always fresher. She varies my meals from day to day. If she cooks chicken for dinner one day, she’ll cook pork, beef or fish the next, as bodies are designed for variety.

Josie prepares and marinates meat and veggies the night before, giving her more time to help her eight year old with his homework. She’s also studying part-time (by correspondence), so she has to be really organised. During the week, meals are generally not spur-of-the-moment, but planned days in advance.  Weekends tend to be a little more relaxed, but she always tries to cook something that’s healthy and nutritious.

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