Jocelyn Lambert

Jocelyn Lambert

I was very excited to be selected as a MAGGI Stir & Share Blogger, so that I can share some recipes from my kitchen to yours. I come from a traditional Lebanese family of six, and there was a plentiful supply of fresh produce and home cooked meals on our dinner table when I was growing up.

Now married with my own family, I also have a herb garden and plan to plant some vegetables – I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I enjoy making wholesome and nutritious food to ensure my growing children (aged 14, 9 & 3) get a good start in life. With the children being active and my son training three nights a week for football, we’re always on the go.

If you asked my kids what the most important meal of the day was I’m sure they’d reply “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”.  I guess my kitchen is never closed at home – but if I had to pick the most important meal occasion, I’d say it was straight after school when the kids are at their most ravenous.   I remember my childhood being filled with good food and company, and would like to pass that on to my own children. We try our best to sit down together at meal times – because I find being able to share in our day is just so precious and rewarding.

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