Helen Tunks

Helen Tunks

I’m a proud Queenslander married to a guy from NSW. We live right on the border in the beautiful Tweed Heads region.

It can get a little heated in our house around State of Origin time, and during this time the ‘twin towns’ of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads are covered in maroon and blue.

Now that I am 45, home life is no longer about toddlers and teething, but more about keeping the whole family fit, healthy and happy.

Most of our meals have an Asian style to them – and we always try to be fresh, quick and healthy.

Mark and I share the cooking (although I think he is a much better cook than me!). We are trying to show our children how to prepare some easy meals, so it’s all about getting the kids into the kitchen and teaching them more about the food they eat.

There’s always something going in our house. Whether it’s Clare’s (14) piano lessons, or Brendan’s (10) art lessons, it can get pretty hectic. Which is why it is important to try and sit down every night for dinner and catch up with everyone, tell lots of stories, and re-live all our embarrassing moments (even if these are mostly mine!)

Every day I’m so thankful that we are all healthy and have the good fortune to live in the free, safe, and friendly country that is Australia. We should never take our life and family and friends for granted!

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