Christine Morris

Christine Morris

I feel very honoured to be selected to be a MAGGI Stir and Share Blogger and to be invited into your kitchen to share some of my favourite cooking secrets. I come from a long line of talented and thrifty family cooks who have been able to cook fantastic meals using wholesome, and in many cases, home grown produce. I’m thrilled to be able to share some of these blessings with you as well.

My kitchen is the “hub” of our home and many teenage ‘bums’ have sat on my bench chatting to me while I cook. My number one rule for cooking … is if a recipe has more than 10 ingredients… it’s OVER complicated.  AND my mantra to my kids is….  if you can read… you can cook !  Our family tradition has always included spending meal times around the table and sharing not only the meal, but also TIME together. My childhood memories, and now my children’s, are of happy times filled with chatter and laughter around the meal table.

Extended family and friends are always welcome, and we always leave the table feeling physically satisfied and uplifted by the sharing of each person’s contribution to the meal time. My own 4 children and 2 step children value the occasions when we are all together around the meal table as sacrosanct and precious. There are currently 19 of us … if everyone is at home at the same time.

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