Beth Holmes

Beth Holmes

Hi I’m Beth – welcome to MAGGI Stir & Share!  I am the first MAGGI Blogger and have had a great time reading through the new site and posting my blog posts.  I have one son who isn’t too fussy – but he’s a tough customer when it comes to the healthier foods.  For me family food is all about being fresh and fast – as long as I know I’m cooking with fresh ingredients (most of the time) and I can get it to the table in 20 minutes I know i’m onto a winner.  The challenge for me is getting dinner cooked while keeping a busy two year old occupied – sometimes I find i cook dinner over a couple of ten minute bursts!

The go to meal for our family is tacos – my husband enjoys it as much as my son, and they probably end up just as messy too!  But I do miss some of my old favourites from a time when meals were more about the experience and the conversations – rather than the constant challenge of making sure my two year old gets enough of the right foods.  For now the spaghetti marinara or rack of lamb is a bit out of reach – but hopefully soon!

My life at the moment really is all about my son – we are frequent visitors to the swimming pool, the beach and our local park.  Just seeing how excited he gets when we go for a swim or he discovers some new equipment at the park is fun enough for me!

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