Discover new Korean favourites

Discover new Korean favourites

In 2010, our family got the chance to welcome a young couple from Korea into our home during a student home-stay program.

Lok and Inqoo were aged 20 and 26 respectively, both very talented artists and great storytellers, but most of all, they were really good people. They joined in with every activity we did, all our sport, social and school events, and left us with the fondest memories of our time with them along with a real love for their food and culture.

We discovered Korean food is distinctly different from Chinese and Japanese food. Korean food uses sesame, soy sauce and chilli flavours along with lots of rice and kimchi (pickled chilli cabbage).

We made delicious after-school snacks, simply of steamed rice, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Kimchi rice was another snack we still have to this day. Simply chop and fry a little kimchi and bacon in some oil and add cooked rice before tossing in a very hot pan to produce an authentic Korean fried rice dish. Delicious!

Koreans don’t tend to eat much bread and whilst beef is common, it’s usually in small tasty quantities.

Their school lunches are to die for – little portions of mini meals in a boxed tray – similar to the Japanese bento box. These are always so healthy and tasty and a real joy to eat.

The distinct aroma of sesame oil now often turns our stir fries into a meal fit for a Korean King (is there such a thing?!). A sprinkle of sesame seeds, side dish of rice and kimchi all add to a presentation that we like to think wouldn’t be out of place on the bustling streets of Seoul.

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