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Add rich flavours to your cooking

There’s no better way to add a wonderful depth of flavour to your cooking than by turning to MAGGI Stock. With a great range to choose from – including chicken, beef and vegetable stocks – it’s bound to become a staple ingredient in your pantry.

Follow the simple instructions on the packet to create an aromatic stock, or add straight to a savoury dish for an instant flavour hit. This very versatile product can be used in many ways – you’re only limited by your imagination.

Suits a broad range of recipes

What are you cooking tonight? If soup, risotto, casserole or stew is on the menu, then reach for your MAGGI Stock. Want to take your sauce or gravy to the next level? Again, rely on MAGGI. Whenever a recipe calls on the addition of a stock – or if you simply want to bump up the flavour in your own savoury dish – turn to MAGGI.

MAGGI Stock comes in a range of flavours, including Chicken, Vegetable, Garlic, Green Herb and Beef Stock Powder and Chicken and Beef Stock Melts.