A classic white sauce is the perfect way to finish off a recipe, and a rich cheese sauce adds a real depth of flavour to many dishes. MAGGI’s range of white sauces and cheese sauces are the quick and easy way to achieve perfection when it comes to creating a delicious accompaniment to your meals.

Sensational sauces for your dinner recipes

Hollandaise sauce and cheese sauce are all essential components of many recipes – but most home cooks baulk at the thought of making them from scratch. Only the very best cooks can make a perfect, lump-free sauce that has just the right balance of flavours and doesn’t detract from the main event.

Not any more. MAGGI’s range of sauces will have every home cook adding elegant flavours to their dishes in no time at all. Our sauces can be added to dishes such as lasagna while you’re cooking, or drizzled over meats and vegetables when you serve your meal. Either way, you’ll be adding a real depth of flavour to your favourite recipes.

Quick and easy sauce flavours

At MAGGI, our goal is to make life simple for you. That’s why our sauces are so easy to prepare. Follow the simple instructions on the packet and you’ll have a creamy, smooth sauce to add to your meal in less than five minutes.

There are eight trusted sauces to choose from in the MAGGI range: Hollandaise Sauce, Creamy White Sauce, Parsley Sauce, Cracked Pepper Sauce, Cheese and Garlic Sauce, Cheese, Onion and Herb Sauce, and Tasty Cheese Sauce.