Recipe Bases

Choose from our range of recipe bases below.

Easier preparation and cooking

It’s never been easier to make a great tasting meal. All of our MAGGI Recipe Mixes have simple instructions, and only require a few other ingredients from your fridge or pantry. Simply tear off the top, inhale the rich aroma, add it to your dish and wait for the flavours to work their magic.

Make the most of the endless variety available with MAGGI Recipe Bases. Every night there’s a new meal to enjoy.

Simple recipes for all occasions

Want to add an authentic burst of flavour to your next meal? Look no further than MAGGI Recipe Bases. These little sachets of spices and seasonings capture the essence of the dishes you love, and bring them straight into your kitchen. The MAGGI kitchen works hard, adding the right balance of flavours to each product in the MAGGI Recipe Base range. We spend hours perfecting each meal, so that you don’t have to. And that’s the beauty of MAGGI Recipe Bases. It’s the simplest way to introduce new meals to your dinner table, without fuss.