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Download FREE Stock Melts Recipe e-Book

MAGGI Stirfry Creations

chicken stir fry honey soy garlic

The delicious stir fry you always knew you could cook! Try the unique two-step process for mouthwatering results.

MAGGI Just for 2

Moroccan Chicken 200x200

With a JUST FOR 2 recipe base and a few fresh ingredients, it's easy to create delicious meals just for 2

Kitchen Showdown 2013!


We're back for the fourth year of MAGGI Intermediate School Kitchen Showdown competition, are you ready?

Stir Fry Tips from the MAGGI Kitchen


Learn some great ideas from Richard and Belinda in the MAGGI Kitchen on how to cook a terrific stir fry.  Stir fries are a great way to add delicious Asian flavours to meat and veg.  Watch our videos on how to get the best from a stir fry and read some great tips on ingredients, equipment and cooking 

Go to Stir Fry Tips

Fun Family Dinners

So Crispy, crispy chicken from the oven with no oil

Bring the family together to create delicious chicken schnitzels - the easy way!  MAGGI So Crispy gives you a way to create sumptuous crispy chicken in the oven, with no need for oil.  Just dip the chicken pieces in the egg and cover with MAGGI So Crispy crumbs, and pop in the oven.

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